A New Leaf


In early 2019, I participated in a group exhibition at the Moonah Arts Centre with 21 other Tasmanian creative professionals. The exhibition, Back Burner, was a showcase of the personal stories that we keep on the ‘back burner’ as we attend to our commercial work. 

My series, A New Leaf, is inspired by my family and our inter-generational history of moving away from the people who love us.

Every home is one point on a personal timeline, one knot in a sprawling tapestry of converging threads. These are the homes most strongly imprinted on our memories, filtered through recollections and nostalgia. 

A New Leaf: St. Louis | Stephanie Albares

A New Leaf: Phoenix - Stephanie Albares

A New Leaf - Hobart - Stephanie Albares


Steph at the gallery opening