Hi, I’m Steph. It’s a real pleasure to meet you.
Phoenix, Arizona → Hobart, Australia. Iced tea for life.

As a designer, I value direct communication and fostering connections. Each person I work with has their own special qualities that make them tick, and I want to help people find their voice and build their confidence.
Think of it this way: The design isn’t there to look nice; it exists to reflect who you are and what you want to tell the world.

I enjoy working with individuals, organisations, and other design agencies alike; if we’re on the same page, it doesn’t matter how near or far we are from each other. I’ve worked with Creative Hum and Ensembley in the past, and in 2016 I spent a nine-month stint at interiors website Homedit, writing articles as a DIY Contributor. It was a supremely fun gig, but I stepped away when other work became more pressing.

Contact me if you’d like to get in touch, let’s chat.