Hi, I’m Steph. It’s a real pleasure to meet you!
Phoenix, Arizona → Hobart, Australia. Iced tea for life.

Creative generalist and young gun, here. I have a fine arts background, where I built up my skills in drawing, mixing colours and running prints by hand. Then I studied graphic design and photography and now I create all sorts of imagery.

Lately, I’ve been working as a gun for hire with Creative Hum and Ideas & Creative.
I also spent a nine-month stint at interiors website Homedit, writing DIY tutorials as a DIY Contributor. It was a supremely fun gig, but I stepped away when other work became more pressing.

As for other creative endeavours… I run a blog — Saltbush Avenue — about all things home+garden. Basically I’m in love with Australian mid-century design and native bush gardens (with some showy architectural stuff thrown in).

I also make letterpress prints on the side, under the Casa Saltbush shopfront, and like doing custom letterpress commission work when the opportunity comes up.

Contact me if you’d like to get in touch, let’s chat!


steph portrait