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Balanced: Mind Body Life is a wellness + psychology practice in Hobart that specialises in the treatment of eating disorders. I designed the brand identity for them, created business collateral, laid out documents, and launched their website in WordPress.

As an organisation, Balanced values the whole self and treating each client with a broad, holistic view towards wellness. Not only does the group identity need to communicate those values, it has to be flexible enough to apply to multiple practitioners under one banner.

Balanced: Mind Body Life

Herons are powerful, adaptable, self-reliant birds. They are at home in the water, on land and in the air. In Tasmania, we have the White-Faced Heron, a smaller, more delicate species than the iconic Great Blues.

Balanced - web image slider

Balanced - business cards Balanced website

Balanced doesn’t advertise in the traditional sense: its clients find their way to the practice through various referrals and networks, including self-referrals.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering…. ED is common shorthand among eating disorder sufferers. The bolded ED in the wordmark is a quiet signal of reassurance to those who are in the know, and potentially feeling like they can’t approach just anybody.