Juliana Lisboa

Juliana Lisboa is a qualified clinical dietitian who works with individual clients and corporate wellness programs. If Juliana’s business were a person, it would be a switched-on professional who remains a hippie at heart. It would drive an Audi, but would quietly prefer the push bike.

Jules’ practice operates under the Balanced umbrella, so her branding has a few elements in common, but it carries her individuality and spark.

Juliana - Branding

The guarana berry is native to Brazil, and here it honours Juliana’s own Brazilian roots. Guarana is also known outside of Brazil for its benefits as a superfood.

The logo is hand-drawn in a quirky, bohemian style, but the end result is polished, with a harmonious, tropical colour palette.

JL business cards

B/W business letterhead

Business cards (which double as appointment cards), and a single-colour letterhead for mass printing.

Social media style guide excerpts

Jules’ style guide covered the usage of her branding in formal arenas such as conferences, but a large portion of it is devoted to social media presence. Maintaining a consistent message across social media is important, and having guidelines in place makes the process considerably less stressful.