DG: Great Australian Dream

DG Design Network held a student competition to design a magazine cover. The theme was “Images of the Decade.”

DG cover

Vintage, highly saturated photos of Australian cities led me to research the The Great Australian Dream of the 1950s and beyond. Unlike the American Dream, it mainly centers on tangible symbols of home ownership. Post-war Australia: a time of brick ranchers, milk bars, Dad’s gas-powered Victa lawnmower and the rotary clothesline. It’s a representation of Australian suburban culture that’s familiar, yet may or may not exist in its entirety.

Vintage research.

Inspired by 1950s pop art collage, I created an illustration literally collaged from old issues of Home Beautiful, using scissors and glue. The cover layout was then arranged digitally into the DG cover template.

Printed DG cover

This cover was a commended entry in the 2012 competition.