Juliana Lisboa

Juliana Lisboa is a qualified clinical dietitian who works with individual clients and corporate wellness programs. If Juliana’s business were a person, it would be a switched-on professional who remains a hippie at heart. It would drive an Audi, but would quietly prefer the push bike.

Jules’ practice operates under the Balanced umbrella, so her branding has a few elements in common, but it carries her individuality and spark.

The guarana berry is native to Brazil, and here it honours Juliana’s own Brazilian roots. Guarana is also known outside of Brazil for its benefits as a superfood.

The logo is hand-drawn in a quirky, bohemian style, but the end result is polished, with a harmonious, tropical-inspired colour palette.

Jules’ style guide covered the usage of her branding in formal arenas such as conferences, but a large portion of it is devoted to social media presence. Maintaining a consistent message across social media is important, and having guidelines in place makes the process considerably less stressful.